I was born in Budapest in 1943.

Following scientific studies, I became an associate professor and lecturer in higher education.  In my spare time, I take pictures of theatre, jazz, I take social portraits. My pictures are published in monthly music and travel magazines, in weekly newspapers.

I left Hungary when I was thirty.

Photographer in Paris for five years, then resuming studies in computer sciences at L'École Centrale... I began an exciting career in computer science, but that left me little time to indulge my passion for photography.

Now retired, Author Photographer, lover of Brittany where I settled down, I discover its soft light, the stern faces and the generous heart of Britons. I've watched with affection their sincere attachment to their culture and traditions, when they sing the Anthem of Brittany "Bro gozh ma zadoù". 

Warmly welcome and accepted, I've been taking photographs of them for four years with a shared complicity.

I also regularly shoot in Central Europe, unknown, misunderstood and often misjudged by the "EU" according to its economic interests and its changing political line. 

Having never belonged to any political groups, I make sure to keep a neutral though precise outsider's eye on those countries which have been under Soviet trusteeship for a long time.

I always feel welcome in my home country, Hungary, where my mother tongue enables a dialog which is essential when it comes to social photography.

Recently, I took pictures in neighbouring countries where 2.5-3 million Hungarian live, retaining their identity and language.

I’m striving to make sure that my photos frame the essence of a blatant reality.

In my work, I avoid the "easy" pictures, such as sensational pictures and secret snapshots. Contents is what really matters.

A good picture never requires explanations and I disavow any "intellectualism".

Lonely and free from the current fashion trades, Sebastiao Salgado, Henry Cartier-Bresson, August Sander are my main references.


Brittany, May 23rd, 2014


Since April 2015 I am a member of the World Federation of Hungarian photographers-artists (MFVSZ).

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